Cognition and Neural Plasticity

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Online Workshop: "Linking behavioral and neural dynamics"


General description:

A large part of the brain is involved in behavior - ranging from planning upcoming movements to dealing with the sensory consequences. Accordingly, if we want to understand how neural circuits integrate a wide range of inputs to produce flexible and adaptive behaviors, it is essential to consider their functions in the context of behavior. Recent advances in experimental techniques enable measurements of movements at an unprecedented range of spatial and temporal scales in animals that are naturally interacting with their environment. A major challenge, however, is to infer the dynamic structure of behavior from the complex sequence of movement variables, often coming from a large number of different sensors. This challenge echoes the ongoing effort of extracting low-dimensional dynamics from the large scale neural activity data.

The workshop seeks to bring together experimental and computational work to discuss recent advances and to promote interaction between the two fields. Specifically, the workshop will focus on (1) novel experimental techniques that allow measurement of behavior at different temporal and spatial scales and (2) data-driven computational analysis of the measured behaviors. We will discuss the utility and the challenges of modern machine learning-based approaches, the integration of different temporal and spatial scales, and theoretical frameworks that enable new ways of studying brain function related to behavior.

Date: October 16, 5PM-8PM CEST


Intro: Anton Sirota (LMU Munich)

Gordon Berman (Emory University): Measuring the hidden dynamics of animal behavior
Arne Meyer (Radboud University Nijmegen): Dynamics of gaze control in freely moving mice
Jesse Marshall (Harvard University): The neural substrates of flexible behavior
Adam Calhoun (Princeton University): Capturing internal states through behavior
Scott Linderman (Stanford University): Animal pose estimation from video data with a hierarchical von Mises-Fisher-Gaussian model
Ann Kennedy (Northwestern University): Hypothalamic representations of internal state and behavior
Justin Graboski (LMU Munich): Exploratory behavior modulates hippocampal space code


Panel discussion: Moderators: Bence Ölveczky (Harvard University) and Arne Meyer (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Location/registration: Zoom conference; link will be provided upon registration. Please, email to "janetz-reebs [at]"; subject: Workshop registration, name, affiliation

Information Sponsor: RTG 2175 "Perception in Context and its Neural Basis", Munich Center for Neuroscience, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience and BrainCom

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