Cognition and Neural Plasticity

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Miniscope Workshop

22.05.2017 – 23.05.2017

Miniscope Workshop 2017

Miniscope Methodology Workshop Munich, May 22-23 2017.

The sucessful Miniscope Methodology Workshop in Munich was given by Miniscope developers group from UCLA (Peyman Golshani, Daniel Aharoni, Tristan Shuman and Denise Cai). It allowed a large number of students and postdocs of Munich, and beyond, to get comprehensive training on the methodology as well as to form a network for future collaborative usage and further development of Miniscope methodology. The participants had the possibility to built their own miniscope during the course and take it to their lab to start using it right away.

This Workshop was co-funded by SyNergy, BCCN, GSN, MCN, SFB 870 and Max Planck Institutes for Neurobiology and Psychiatry as well as BrainCom EU project.